Reuse For Rewards

Earn cash rewards when you reduce waste from our planet.

Turn trash into rewards

When you buy your favorite cold brew coffee, wine, spirits, kombucha, household essentials, or skincare products, you end up buying the bottles or jars that hold the products as well.

OOM gives you rewards for every empty bottle or jar you send us. We then clean and sanitize the packaging so brands can use the packaging again. No more waste. No more pollution.

How it works

Redeem Points for cash

OOM gives you Points for every piece of packaging you return. Points can be redeemed for cash (sent directly to your personal Venmo account) or for a donation to climate related non-profits. Earn bonus points when you return our partner brand's products.

Reuse is the future

Only 9% of plastic waste ever made has been recycled. The rest goes to the landfill and pollutes the environment for thousands of years.

According to the experts, reuse is the most effective way to eliminate waste. OOM App makes it easy for you to do just that.

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