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OOM's Reuse Platform enables brands to implement reusable initiatives and create a future without single-use primary packaging.

Join us in our mission to eliminate packaging waste for a cleaner planet.

Turnkey reusables solution

Launch reusable programs for your products easily with OOM's comprehensive solution that manages reuse operations end-to-end.

Increase brand loyalty & repeat purchases

Increase customer retention and repeat purchases simply by implementing reuse programs. Our solution makes it easy to manage reusables initiatives with your customers, leading to a win-win for your business and the environment.

Up to 90% organic customer retention
Increase in customer lifetime value (LTV)
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Meet your sustainability goals

Future proof your brand by embracing circularity in packaging through reusable solutions. OOM's platform makes it easy to close the loop and reduce waste, helping your brand stay ahead of the curve and make a positive impact on the environment.

Lower carbon footprint and energy use
Waste diversion from landfill
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Frequently asked questions

What is reusable packaging?

Reusable packaging refers to containers or packaging materials that can be used multiple times before they need to be disposed of or recycled. Reusable packaging is designed to be durable and long-lasting, allowing it to be used repeatedly for the same or similar products. Think of old milkman delivery service that brings you fresh milk everyday filled in reused bottles.

What kind of packaging does OOM reuse?

OOM powers the reuse of primary packaging for consumer goods such as bottles, jars, and other containers that hold everyday products like sparkling water, cold brew coffee, wine, beer, hand soap, household goods, and skincare products, to list a few.

We accept a range of packaging materials such as glass, ceramics, etc.

How does OOM's Reuse Platform work?

OOM's Platform is based on a pre-fill reuse model. Unlike other reuse models in the market such as BYOB refill and refill pouches, our model allows consumers to purchase their everyday products as they do now in the retail outlet of their choice. Brands can continue their current operation of filling packaging with products and distributing them for sale. We made it easy for consumers and brands to adopt reusables since nothing really changes in their daily lives.

Are brands required to purchase reusable packaging from OOM?

No. With OOM, brands source their own reusable packaging.

We specialize in helping brands take control of their packaging by offering testing services for reuse or assisting with the design of new, reusable packaging options, should they need it. Our goal is to support brands in their efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

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